A check for lice

Today at our school, our class had to be checked for lice.

The reason we had to be checked is because a few days ago, someone in elementary got lice and it seems to be spreading to other students. I was slightly worried because one of my friends told me in music class that the examining room (the nurse’s office) smelled so bad that he nearly fainted.

“Max, your turn.” I heard so I started to walk down towards the nurse’s office. When I stepped into the office I smelled the air. It wasn’t bad at all, just strong and sort of minty. I sat down to get my hair checked. It felt like a scalp massage, relaxing and comfortable.  Sadly, It only lasted for about five minutes. I said good-bye to the nurse and went back to class. It was such a relief that I didn’t have any lice!

When I got back, everyone started asking me if I had lice. Of course I said no because even if I had lice which I don’t, I wouldn’t want to be abandoned by everyone! I sat back down in my seat and began to read The book, Fighting Ground. When everyone came back from their check up, we finally got up to go to the computer lab to do work on our social studies project.

I’m glad that it was over

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I like to play soccer and a little basketball.
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1 Response to A check for lice

  1. jee young says:

    I like your description of the nurse’s office! This is a great small moment that you wrote about. Great writing! 🙂

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