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Rescue from Max

You should talk about your character in Maplestory, your friends in Maplestory and how you started to play Maplestory for now. Advertisements

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My friend, cutiejune

I have a friend named cutiejune who has a blog of The reason he named it cutiejune is because he wanted a quick and easy blogname. Visit cutiejune’s blog today!

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Horray for Team Inspire!

Have you visited I’m also a member of Team Inspire! There are many posts there! Visit now!

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Maple Story Servers

I’m usually going to be on Bera 1 and 4. I am going to become a wizard on my way to become a bishop. Hope to see you in Maple Story!

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Maple Story

Yeah! I started to play Maple Story a few days ago. I am planning to become a wizard! My other friends are: Mechanic level 38, Battle Mage level 28, and Duel Blader level 61. My character’s name is GoldenMax4. Hope … Continue reading

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